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It's time to be mighty.

MIGHTY is a creative firm founded on the belief that brands can be elevated far above the everyday noise and clutter. And that the only way to do it is with pure, unfiltered creative insight.


That means tapping directly into the minds of the people most passionate about finding creative solutions: writers, designers, filmmakers, programmers…people who do. No layers or handlers or yes-men. Just a talented team of creative professionals, sitting at the table with you, working like hell for powerful, unexpected, inspired results.


John Griessmayer, founder of MIGHTY, has fifteen years of experience developing award-winning work for organizations in healthcare, higher education, defense, technology and other industries. Whether moving the needle for a Fortune 500 company or moving mountains for a small business, his imaginative fire is always felt in the final product.


It’s what turns a big idea into a mighty one.

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